Our Company

A.CHR.THEOPHILOU LLC has been the founding member of THEOPHILOU SERVICES GROUP, a group of companies, which provide a wide range of comprehensive, quick and high quality services to local and international clients.
The legal aspect of the said services is provided by A.CHR.THEOPHILOU LLC. The Support, Maintenance and Management Services to customers-companies are being offered through the four (4) other companies of the Group, namely THEOSERVICES SECRETARIAL LIMITED, DENCHRI LIMITED, THEOSERVICES LTD and THEOSERVICES NOMINEES LTD.

Although, we are a small sized firm, in the number of partners and associate lawyers recruited, A.CHR.THEOPHILOU LLC is highly reputable in terms of experience, ability, skill and care. We are proud to note that we are a “family establishment” passed on from father to his son and daughter and this feeling echoes in the way we treat our clients, as a member of the family too, with fidelity and concern for each and every single case. We provide our services with loyalty, care, attention and professionalism.

Our success is based on ability to understand clearly and rapidly the objectives of our clients and on commitment to provide high standard and cost-effective services tailored to the specific circumstances of each client.

Our multilingual “support team” speak Greek, English, Russian and Ukrainian and we can arrange translation in any other language.

With the 44 year of professional experience of our founder and the professionalism of our legal and management team, we provide our Legal and other Services as THEOPHILOU SERVICES GROUP always with loyalty, confidentiality, care and attention and within a friendly environment adapting to the separate personality and needs of each client, always aiming at serving the interest of the client best.